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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

being this I'm sorry but ...

I hate what I have now .
I dun believe .

Left 8 days to PMR .
I'm still blogging now .
why ?
cause I'm so in mood to psot what i wanna post now .
I Hate You !
If you hate me why don't u just tell me ?
you dun need to pass the topic to mum and asked her to tell me .
I dunno why u wanna be like that .
as a family i though if got anything will just tell each other ?
Now i finally understand how Carmen's feeling is when you didn't understnad what happen .
as u scolded mum .
She can even sleep bout that matter !
I dunno why u wanna listen to the outsider and you dun believe what family said so .
I'm so believe tat my dad is a fair man but now .
I know what is the feeling bout not believing each other .

I'm done !

Bye peeps .
wunt be blogging or plurk - ing this few days .
i think .
haha .

x PMR man .
o left 13 days i get freedom !
x I dunno why .
o nanana .

u n b e l i e v - i n g /

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