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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the screams reminds me .

140909 .
Monday .

school was as usual .
when i reached home i plurk !
and i did something diff today .
Skype with my Hoe and Quan babe .
finally , i know the whole things .
and i knew how people flirt within an hour .
tat was fake !
== stupid excuse to flirt la , wey !
I did a promised between me and Quan .
i hope it works ..
Hoe ! i miss him darn much since he said he got my baby inside him stomach !
i damn worried bout him dy .

She misses her sister . for no reason .
She misses her for the plan her sis makes so .
is so wonderful . but ..............
like so is all my fault of not being that sociable .

150909 .
Tuesday .
There was blood at the table .
and was from my ear .
my ear was bleeding cz i hurt it myself !
memang stupid .
the whole class were like
- Jessie ! what happen ?
- Jessie u suicide ?
- where u when ?
- Jessie why u bleed ?
people were stairing at me and the tissue with my blood .


I'm back from tuition .
finally my sweet room !
like so .

now I just realized that I was just the backup for you !
yea . I'm such a good backup for all of you .
When u free u chat with me .
not free throw me away .
want me to do a favor .
you beg me and i don;t u throw me as a rubbish !
like so i'm a backup of you ; such a dog .
I'm so not going to accept this anymore .
I cant believe what u did when u received the things she did to u .

He called me to solve it .
I knew i solve it , it will happen again and again .
so why dun I just leave it there ?
Is so complicated .
arggg .

x Feel like vry out loud and shout out loud !
o she dun need you .
x plan's not working at all .
o She took lots of time to realize .

s t u p i d m i n d .

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