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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

unfair u fake shyt !!!!

I hate her !
being unfair to me ..
u go n love ur son enough i don need u .
all u need is a son u dun need a daughter at all . since u like ur bro so much .
scold ppl for no reason and u never though how ppl feel .
arggg ....

210909 .

Monday .
School holiday .
where's everyone ?
shopping ? Genting ? lepak- ing ? Clubbing ?
Today was the 1st day i have my tuition during the holiday .
the very first time i tuiton for 10 hours with Jing .
*clap clap*
I'm so proud of myself .
haha .
but I was suffering actually .
10 hours with Science and Maths .
and the tuition teacher gave us 132 maths question .
WTH la weyy ..
we took some pic but was in Jing's phone .
i will get it from her .
After suffering for 10 hours .
my whole family decide to go pv and watch G-Force .
but too bad the earlier ticket is at 10;45 .
so my dad reject the request . went to Grandmama's .
and yet my bro take away kampachi's shushi to Grandmama to have it .
'ji hao yi shi yi xia' ...
after having dinner went to see watch cause my dad and my mum's 20th anniversary ~ woots !!!
my dad bought my mum a Tag Heuer watch for my mum .
the pic i deleted it accidentally .

conclusion , my dad get ntg for the 20th anniversary ~
LOL !!!

ends .

220909 .
Tuesday .
tuition started at 1430 .
I woke up froem bed at 8 sumthing for the maths .
i done until 10 sumthing i stop and went towards the com and my cousin came .
With Kiki ~

from left ; Kiki , Jojo .
=) they argued !!!
wakakkkakak .

around 1 sumthing off to bath then go n fetch Jing to tuition .
0234 reached (if i'm not wrong .)

The pic we took finally i remember to bring my camera .
my camera taken my jing and yet she took these photo .

Is Jessie Tan + * .
*My new name by da*

from left ; The angle nv ren qiang ; metal .
taken by me .The tuition mate . =)
sorry i upload this pic .

Is heels time .
took for my sis .
any opinion ?
Say out loud !
strangers are allow too .

Ends .

x tuition ...
o naffnang !!!
x needs to save money .
o I hate my family they sucks a lot !

u n f ai r .

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