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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

it gonna happen but nobody cares .

The form 3s had their seminar of B.M !
was sucks !
the teacher was reading out which wrote at her paper .
Is the 1st day of September !
so as i think we should be happy cz of exam ! =X
triallll is coming .
and i'm still blogging !
gonna put my effort last minute again !
lalala .
i knew CarmenTan gonna scold me for blogging this time .
almost everyone freeze their karma in plurk !
what about me ?
hmm ...
wondering all along .
Effort !!!!

Jing was so scare !
wonders how's she now ?
hmm ...

x It's coming .
o I gonna have the same situation as ynG and Carmen had this year .
x wait for me . little plane .
o autumn ? wow ..

X s m i l e .

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