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Friday, September 4, 2009

Belated ?

Wishes !

She's late in blog for wishing her !
oppsy .
but i wished her in facebook and plurk !
is tat enough ?
I just realize tat my sis wish 4 ppl in a post ! a longggggggggggg post .
and wrote many many things in paperS !
I'm late .
shyt !
but late better than never wish .

Happy Belated JiaEn !
the pinky !
*hug* .
Wish all ur wishes maybe come true A.S.A.P .

2nd .
I'm not late to his b'day !
is Doreamon !

lalala .
i think Wai Teng will remember !
hehe .
Wai Teng is a Doreamon lovers !
woots ~

*she heard from her parents ,
waiting the subject list to be chose ,
her mum just told her to studies bout design . *

x shhh .
o full .
x trialllllll
o nah ; no one will think bout it .

w o r r i e d .

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