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Saturday, September 12, 2009

the world just bacame more useful .

after trial ?
the new weekend .
I cut - ted my hair .
I changed my braces colour to baby blue .
I helped my bloggie to had a new clothes on .
Was these new ?
Went to visit the dentist .
She told me that when I go to Nz .
u will have the new life , new friends , new style , new dentist , new buddies everything will be new for me and you will never know the new things is good for u a not .
I agreed as what she said .
new things not equal to good things .
sometimes old things are more useful .

The old world was fresher .
the old memorise was happier .
the old time was better .
the new world has been polluted .
the new memorise was weird .
the new time was useles .

She needs someone to talk to .
She wants the old her to come back .
She agrees with what she heard .
She hopes everything will be alright .
She gives her opinion out !

and my bro is going to have his Robotic competition tomoro !
woots !
Wish her team get the 1st place .
However , I also hope nee will get the CHAMPION tonight !
God bless u .
me too . everyone will bless you .
and sorry I ffk .
Brenda gonna scold me again !

x life sucks ?
o wo xiang fa kai .
x ye shu ni shi dui de .
o Tomoro IKEA !

h o p e f u l .

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