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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It’s been a long day, and no one will realize what happen in these moments that we’ve spent. I inbox-ed with him for a long time and the conversation always ended up with sneakers. Well, not only with him but with my “buddies” are always like that. In a sudden, they will poop out with the names of sneakers like Nike high dunk or mosquito . Somehow, I just so surprise that why this is the only topic that we can chat along.

For a long time, that I never chat with the girls and yes I miss them with the chilling, gossips and also shouting. It reminds me tones of things just like form 2 we shouted all around the corridors and the headmistress ran down and telling us that there is an opera show coming up here. As she told me memories never last long and at the first time I said memories can be stand and makes you happy but now the memories just make you hurt sometimes.

I just know that, there won’t be a trip for us due to a lot of people are going outstation in the coming December. To be honest, that just disappointed me not to talk much but just smiling for the coming days! ;) Less than 70 days and I can meet them and it’s just OMG! <3

Flats, am going to wear you tomorrow so please be kind to me. ;)

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