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Saturday, October 30, 2010


They used to be the real good friends before I come.

I know I shouldn’t be blogging but still i miss blogging those feelings make this as the last before exam begin within 14 days. As yen told me miracles happen, for me it only happens when someone really want it to happen.

I miss them in a sudden..

PhangSaikHoe, I miss your voice and the way you smile.

PhangHuiQuan, I miss your face and the way you being dumb.

LimGiPo, I don’t know you well but I miss the time we were in ‘plurk’ and being each others tongue tongue’s babies.

AlisonLoh, I know you since I’m in primary but still we are not close as time go I celebrated your birthday before and yes you kiss me in the face when we were in Joe’s car on the way back to Hoe’s house, remember?

BiancaNg, I never really met you before but I do think you are a great friend and I love the way you speak out everything.

BrendaNg, I miss you for no reason somehow, I do hate you for being that bitchy angry but we are still friends and honey.

ThangYiJing, I miss you for being that ‘polite’ all the time. I do appreciate the things you’ve done like only you skype with me and let me share things with.

GraceNg, I hardly ever talk to you and yes I miss you so much. Not to only say but when I go to school, I think you’re around me ‘cause you’re the smart one. ;)

FooXueSze, I want to say thank you and say I LOVE YOU to you ‘cause whenever you’re free you will find me and chat for 5 minutes. I share things with you and you too. ;)

TanChuXuan, I miss you for always being the tough one and being so girlish nowadays, make my eyes gone bigger.

AshleyHong, We hardly ever talk but everytime I go those surf shops I think of you for being that rich! I miss you with that fair skin.

TeohPeiYu, I miss you and I wonder did you change to be more talkative?

SawJingWei, when November come I just think of you and when I see basketball I thought of our memories.

TeeJerVenn, I have no idea how have you been but I think you would be great. I know last time we did argue about some random stuff but still we are still friends and in a gang.

JaneYoh, I miss you and I hate you for going penang to study and I didn’t even have a chance to say goodboy. I miss the way you smile and your height!!!

JaniceLoh, I remembered that we shouted for you in the competition you went last year. Although there’s no champion for you but in my heart you’re always the champion and yes I MISS YOU.

EeWeiYen, I never know we been know each others for so long until you came and tell me things would happen and we are 8 years buddy I suppose. I just miss you so much!

AngelFong, I don’t know you but I know you sing really well as Hoe and gi told me about it.

TanChunWeng, I miss you and I never know you did or not ‘cause the words you say are just being mean to me. Remember you’re the thunder.

WaiJengFatt, I miss you. I never talk to your recently but I do appreciate you told me so much last time. <3

ChongIeGin, I don’t know you well but we’re friends since I come here. You find me and chat and giving me opinion in everything.

TanKahHui, I never know things about you until people tell me still I miss you ‘cause you always being a dick in front of people.

LeeLikHong, I love you and I miss you. You asked me what happened and I did answer somehow, you’re just busy with games and giving excuses. ;)

ChongJunEe, you told me something happen still I gave you all my opinion and I miss the old you not now for being emo and asking things about girls.

YapHanXian, I miss your height and the way you smile and not to forget your long mustache! ;D

WongJinYang, I never have a real chance to say hi and talk to you ‘cause we are not close but I think you would be a real good friend tho. ;) I miss your paul frank head.

DavidWong, I miss you so much! I remember that time you were bold we webcam. It was so funny with your edd head shape.

OngChoonWei, I miss you stupid smile and the acting skill you had. Remember in form 2 and 3 we laugh so much and we shared so much ! I miss you ugly dick face.

There are still tons of people I haven’t mentioned and yes I did forget some of you tho..However, if I have a chance I will actually say hi and bye and give a bug warm hug to you guys. I miss you and I just love those memories we had even some are bad and some are awesome. Still these are memories within us. ;)

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