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Monday, October 4, 2010

Wish to the old girl.

Well, it's the 4th of October already!
6 more days till this holiday ends but I haven't done my homework yet. OMG! Last day out tomorrow, I will just locked myself in the room. To be honest, I gained weight like again! from that day I came until now total is like 8kg. I know it's kinda wtf so I'm not gonna weight myself until i have the self-confident gain. ;X

Anyway, went to city with sis to celebrate Shally's 19th birthday which is the last year for the "TEEN" word for this pretty, sexy and lovely sis's friend! ;) To be honest, I wrote like three lines wish for you and I think is not enough 'cause you wrote a long notes for me with the cookies and cream chocolates ! So I am here to wish you


(once again.)

I love you so much and JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

I just LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE, you made my day when you are around.

I always wanna TAKE A BOW to you 'cause you are awesome!

Although, I just met you like not over a year but when

Carmen is in M'sia she told me a lot about you.

She told me how you treat people and

it gave me a good impression with you !

pretty cool right?

Once again, I really wish you love the present I gave you and

do enjoy your day! ;)

p/s: you are a SECRET that I can't shall with.

Somehow, I've learned a lesson today. Since is spring, I wore a surf pants and a t-shirt and I thought we will go out until evening and who knows we stayed until around 8 and it's freezing! If you are a stalker, you would know that I've been twitter- ing the whole time about the weather and the way I dressed. Besides, I will bring a jumper for the coming hang out..

Today is a great day! ;)

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