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Sunday, October 3, 2010

use your heart to view things around us.

People may thought the life nowadays is complicated and they can't really enjoy the happiness they used to have. But. To be a human being, we should appreciate every single moments in our life and use your heart to take a serious look to see things around us.

I never know how Malaysia can be that pretty until I saw photos taken by Malays and I started to have good feelings on the so call 'babi-s' . Well, I admit I kinda racist last time yet photos let me know M'sia can be a place which is pretty and relax neither.

Anyway, as you can see I've changed my blogskin like once again due to some boringness of mine and an idea of being fair to everyone around me. If you look properly on the photos of my header. The photos are taken in two countries.. One is where I'm from and another one is where I raised up from.

According to my brother, WilliamTan says that "There will not be 2012 but 2011." I wonder since when my brother became that negative. Obviously, that's pretty true the sun going to be finish until the day came all of us are done. ;) If it really want you to die we can't escape from it. Just let it be, dude.

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