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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It has been a long week and it’s only Wednesday. Not to wish it to be pass fast at night but in school time.. School just annoyed me except for art class but there is a new task and I wonder what I should do with it when exam is nearby. I shouldn’t be blogging at the moment but the feeling just came when no one can actually stops you for doing things you want to do. Gonna go back to the street where I raised in and the people who I believe in, less than 70 days and it just makes me feel so excited. Whereas, exam is coming to me less than 4 weeks and hell I got to work hard with the books not blogging about school and life!

I’m tired of plans, I’m exhausted of how you treat me as, I sick of being strong. I’m just tired of being tired.. Study don’t really give me stress just the teachers are. Anyway, I heard people discussing about birthday party and it makes me realize people in M’sia are all gonna have party with their sweet sixteen and I just thought so am I gonna have the sweet sixteen but there’s no one will celebrate for me since the exam gonna start on the 11th. Maybe the ones in M’sia cant get my wish too but no one would mind of having a wish from me tho.

Fell down from the narrow road today and it hurts. Not to say ‘it’ but both of my legs hurts, left- bleed and cant be band ; right- twisted and cant walk in a straight line . I have having these shit in different days just like these and ‘that’ . Fck all these shits!

street of somewhere over the rainbow.

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