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Sunday, October 10, 2010

easy come and easy go.

I found a yellow monster, CalvinCho and I just love him!

It’s been two weeks, all I’ve done was crap. To be honest, my life been fck-ed up pretty much when I got here. I just hate it when there’s no one here to share things with and telling them the new jokes I have. All I ever asked was just a simplest word and like you mean it, not love but friend. I thought I’ve friends but things just don’t go right when you realize there’s no one to share things with. That’s the problem, as they said they would but the time is a different and the distance is a problem. I don’t blame anyone but myself, no one would know what is it feel like but things changed so as people.

Anyway, it’s been a long holiday can ask not that long just relaxing holiday where I find I hate myself so as who was I before these happened. I’ve the most boring holiday I ever had and the ‘nerdiest’ holiday where I studied for like two days out of 14 days. That’s pretty impressive isn’t is? Somehow, I’ve a great time with my family and my sis’s friends. Will upload the previous hang out when I have time in the coming weeks.

I’m not excited for school everyday and night. FTL who create school in this world.

Life has been a mess for me in here. They said 10.10.10 only happen once every 1,000 years but for me it everyday happen once every 1,000 years and all I did for these day was a waste!

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