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Monday, February 28, 2011


Finally, 3 of one assignments is done. Art History I left 2 paragraph which is really hard to compare about and economics’ i don’t know what it is anyway. So I chatted with the girl who had her birthday few weeks ago and she is just tough enough to face those problems. Also thanks to her boy who likes to do unnecessary things in a bad situation and that’s boy. He helps a lot and also hurt a lot whereas somebody just cant let go the past and move on like how a 17 years old does. English internal continues tomorrow until Thursday and OMFG. I don’t get what is the poem taking about am so gonna lose those 4 credits. L

Anyway apparently I’ve learned a new word from tumblr. Oh dear, I love tumblr. It tells everything that’s in my mind and the situation that I always have so do drop by the link is at the right column. J

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