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Sunday, February 27, 2011

the night of awesomeness.

Saturday the 26th of Feb.

Woke up and rush to wash up the photos for my photography assignment at TheWareHouse and guess what. I spent 1 hour there and I get nothing due to some freak problems then I rush back home to transfer some file then off to Albany just to wash 10 photos and it used a lot of patrol just to rush few places. Before go to Albany, Carmen picked up Karen’s birthday cake and it looks freakin’ awesome. If you’re on twitter you would see that leopard prints cake. Anyway, then off to Albany mall to make sure that my mobile network it working then went to get the birthday a present from Glasson and hell yeah. I finally got the jeans I want and it looks freakin’ awesome. :)

Then rush back home cause the people are at home making themselves look as good as they could just to party at karaoke tonight. I got myself ready and thanks to my mum for driving us to the bus-stop when she already hurt her back by climbing up to the peach tree at the garden. Then cam whore awhile at the bus stop with the Polaroid and my camera. Like omg, I love Shally’s new camera I cant stop being a cam whore with her camera is just too awesome to have it I suppose it is better than Quan’s . hehe

waiting at the bus-stop.

on the way to city.
the women!

Welcome to auckland. :)

So we cam whore on the way to there reach around 10 to six I suppose? Then went into there we started our singing sessions. We did something crazy and yes totally crazy. We sang three times broken-hearted girl by Beyonce and 4 times A.I.N.Y by G.E.M. we are just crazy to these songs. At the half way Lisa came and join the night!

We are just crazy about singing then about 10 we took a bus back home around 1030 then got home around 11. I had a bath and the women just chilling around and prepare for SHOTS!

Alcohol all by Shally that crazy woman!

When the time nearly come to 12 Carmen actually asked me and Lisa to lock Karen up in her room and trying to make her take weird photos. Then when it’s 12, she been ordered to go to the dining room and yes the leopard cake pop out and so do her tears. :)

hugy hugs.


:) Had the awesome supper time with the cake then playing games just to make the birthday girl drunk but so do us. *not us it’s just me, lisa and Karen* Shally and Carmen never get drunk and I don’t know why. I know we did something really retarded after the alcohol and all photos are with Shally so is better ask her not to upload.


look at this drunk woman.

Last night was just awesome!

Once again,

Happy 20th Birthday, KAREN!

Hope you had a great night last night. J

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