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Saturday, March 5, 2011

a short week but a long day.


One of my assignment’s photo.

Thank God, today is Friday. :) Finally, week 5 is coming till the end which mean more internals are coming up and assignments are nearly due. Oh well, I just handed in my first assignment of Art History just in time today. I thought I’ve done it like in an just achieve level ‘cause today I saw their essays are like 2000 words and my eyes were wide opened! 2000words when it only require 600 words, that’s kinda too over I suppose. Friday is always tiring with day 4’s timetable which is double economics then English for last. That’s just suffer to do English at the last period and it’s not in reading room. *DISASTER!* So I’ve done my English internal on Wednesday and it was alright for the first paper and the second one I’m like doing nothing! Yes, I’m so gonna fail for the second paper. Although, the paper was filled full but there were just craps and I have no idea what I actually wrote for it. Never mind, will just try not to think of it although there are re-sits for the test in two weeks time.

Oh, I got back my photography assignment and guess what I got just achieve for overall. For the first task was Merit, kinda happy when I saw the first task’s result but then the second and last were like bullshit. Not to give any excuse but blame myself. I fucking hate the feeling when you thought you can do it but you just never take the chance for that certain thing you believe in. ftw just because the feeling. I just hate it. So things been messed up as always for the whole week and hell yeah tiring! :( Another assignment of photography is here and FML! I’m so wanna get over it like please. The other subjects were totally alright except for economics. Oh gosh, I don’t get a thing about it. About the GDP and some kinda growth in NZ which I don’t really give damn on it actually is important. Hope I can actually change my subject. It’s like gaining stress from every lil bit from school and then assignments that are due at the end of term which is really fast.

I hate my school life. I hope I can just live in my dream and never wake up again. Maybe someday I will just wake up and there’s no such work allow me to do. A relaxing life will be just fine for me. As the other day, there is an earthquake in NewZealand, Christchurch and people died, lost the homes and lost the educations. Then I heard that there will be one coming up to Auckland in like 2 or 3 months time ‘cause there was one in Wellington and everyone was like getting emergency kits, drinks and food also shelter. Oh dear, I’m gonna be dead soon. :/

So the other day, I was kinda like grumpy for the whole day for no reason then got a text from a storyteller. Yeah, that guy is a really good storyteller sent me a photo and that actually can make you smile. Will update more about it someday. Not in blogspot tho.

Apparently, I didn’t run out of MBs for my phone. :) at least, there is one entertainment for me. Yea, I was chatting with Selina about iPad2 and hell no. I want it like wth. I never want an iPad but now I want an iPad2. Haha perhaps, I will just wait for BlackBerry PlayBook it might be way better. Oh, if you guys add my sister in facebook. You would realize that my house gonna have a pet soon. Drop by her profile and have a look. According to her information, we gonna get a sheep dog by next week and dad allows us to keep it which is just incredible. I love my family bits and pieces. <3


Another favorite of mine in the assignment.

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