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Thursday, February 10, 2011

it's only the first week. :(

It’s Thursday already. I’ve came back from MY for 4 days already. This week seems to be long like really long. I was wishing it to go faster so I could actually catch a breath from school. School is driving crazy with those subjects. Economics, Sociology, English, Mathematics External, Photography and Art History. These are nearly a brand new subjects for me. I’ve got ‘friends’ in the class, yea at least got some. I just realize that I actually chose subject which are all about essays. Eco you needa write a lot, sociology the perspective, English ESSAYS, math theory, photography those assignment that am gonna face and art history to write the theme of a French’s artwork.

Oh well, it’s too late for me to change subjects by now. Perhaps, if I have a chance still I don’t know what to choose either. So I was sitting a great seat with Jinny in Sociology class and now the freakin’ teacher just change our seats because this is a new unit. According to her sociology class is about people communicating but now it doesn’t work to me at all. Damn that freak.

So about math, the teacher mentioned to us that if you can actually catch up do not learn math external. Perhaps, she was just talking to me. I couldn’t catch up until today Julie taught me the parabola and the cubic. Really glad that she used up her lunch time on me with numbers on her mind. So I might not giving up on math external. Need to be fighting through the problems that I am having, at this moment. It’s a must.

Due to the laptop been formatted I do not have any photos to upload and do not have any songs to recommend. So yea, this will be a wordy blog for some time.

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