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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Wonders how life have been to him, her and them. Oh well, it's only the third week of school i already stress out. LIKE SERIOUSLY. i had economics test then assessments come to me. *screwwww* eng got essays, sociology with 500 words then now art history with three tasks. damn this year! gonna be busy ass. So yea, about the mathematic i just umm, trying to get over it.

So about today, went to city with the school 'cause of the sculptures at there. Going through them and walking through them and realizing where are they. wow, that was mean as. :( So about the things nowadays. Somebody's birthday is coming. Been through 'v' day alone w/ the freak mood. going through things w/ the grumpy mood and now blogging mood when there are tons of works right beside me.

About this post. I am craving for a Havaianas Top Mix. BAM! They look super awesome yet pretty expensive aye. The new collections of them, so not going to get them unless i actually earn more money through some kind of shit or blogging? Oh well,
Looking at the three colours of it. I actually want the orange one where they show in the official website in Msia. Gonna search for it!

I still haven't got my sim card yet! damn, needa subscribe it real soon so my phone wouldn't be like a music player only. Anyway, this week i been through some kind of little things w/ my love one. yes, the dingy!
I said No regrets just love.
she said no regrets no love.
she gave me an example which i actually went like OMG, that's true.

So that's all i suppose. gonna off to do some kind of homeworks and take bath.

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