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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

here it comes.

Soon it’s gonna leave me like how it used to.

Been busy for the whole days like wtf. So went to the city yesterday because of the PPTA thingy so yea got off school earlier. Seriously, I did not have fun yet facing the books in Whitcouls, actually make me thought of my assignments so I went home earlier. Saw people wearing mufti to uni, oh well. A long way to go!

Talk about the school days, two words to describe. BUSY & TIRED. I got an assignment from photography last week which is due next Monday and I only shot 4 photos overall. Then today Mr.B just gave us another assessment like DAMN. Am not finish with the last one yet. :( Then now needa rush my Art History assessments and Friday is the check point which is just driving me crazy. I know I am suppose to be doing my assignments but no. I cant concentrate with it anymore.. Economics scrapbook, what the hell is that? With a presentations. Fml! Somehow, sociology was alright and I have finish the 700words essay that been issued last week. So what else, damn math and English test and internal are coming up. DAMN!!!! I hate schooling now.

Wish I don’t need to worry about these. Hope everything will be alright. Force myself to get into it. Try my best not to forget who am I. Wait for the best thing to come to me. Oh well, I just don’t know why am I not into a mood that how I used to have. Asking myself to chill yet just cant. Those things actually bother me so much. I just hate how I feel and no one and understand it.

No matter what happen I will try to be your entertainer and that was me.

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