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Thursday, February 10, 2011

about a traditional event.


Chinese New Year.

It’s always about food, drinks, lanterns and also RED. :) There is no such thing as Chinese New Year in here and I don’t really have a mood for saying happy new year babe. If I’m in Msia I would just smiling all the time trying go visit every single relatives I have. Too bad, I’m in nz now and I wish to gamble, eat, drink and taking photos of them.

Anyway, today is ‘cho 8’ (the 8th of cny). As a Hokkien, I should be at home and busy prepare with ‘bai tian gong’ which is a big ceremony to say thanks to god, I suppose. Yet I’m here facing the computer and the books from school and kept yawning for certain reasons and wishing I could celebrate CNY next year. :(

Somehow, Happy Chinese New Year people!

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  1. i know how you feel. My head was stuck in the books and work when the new year came. Thankfully, presidents day came. The bay area had it's CNY parade this past saturday. Lots of good food, good company, and love. Happy belated new year.


appreciate lots.

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