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Friday, February 25, 2011

tiring weekend.

Those assignments are driving me insane. Two pages more then I’m done with my Art History. Thought I will have a time to catch some fresh air yet I don’t have one. After this I got photography assignment which is due on Monday and I haven’t even washed out the photos yet. Oh well, tomorrow might the time to touch up these photos.

People out there might say that TGIF but for me, Friday make me work like a mad cow. Got so freakin’ tired with the work and the coming internal although I have just finished my math test then Monday gonna sit English internal for four days which actually killing me inside with those freak techniques and some kinda shit like that. Other than that, 2 essays from Sociology class today and due on Monday again. Somebody mind helping me with writing essays? One of the essay topic is kinda weird for me which is for you to rewrite the story of sleeping beauty using different gender roles. Also mean that sleeping beauty also can be a guy perhaps a sleeping beast yet I have no idea how to rewrite about that. Oh gosh, anyway idea for that? Besides that, economics scrapbook I don’t even know what is this about the teacher explain to me twice and I still don’t get what to do. Maybe am just too stupid to understand what he actually trying to tell me.

I am craving for more time to get through these. It does annoy sometimes. Will update my photography class’s photo soon. :) stay tune ,peeps.

Six of the second best is here.

Nobody realize how thing has changed into.

Maybe I just care too much.

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