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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i'm late for the wish ! shit !!!!

These post starts with a wish !
the wishes for her .
she's the greatest friend !
we been together for hmmm....
start from standard 1 .
She studied in 1U ' if i'm not wrong '
we always meet each other at the small gates of the school .
and we played together remember i always went to your house and played ?
and that time we go Genting , Awana what we played together ?
Yes , is her !
Phang Hui Quan .
we have been together for 9 years !
the friendship of 9 years .
i though when we're in form 1 we got some argument 'cause of ....
just forget about it !
until now form 3 we're still together .
let's refresh our memories !

the 21st of June 2009 .
we went to Yin ying's birthday at Red Box Plus .

This was the one we at Ipoh we blow the balloons
with ' ci lap lap '

this is absolutely ugly ! but someone will like it !
and i like it too . with any edition !

23rd of September .
we went to fun ok and pasar malam !
=) and yet we had a great great time !

Genting trip . i found this photo and yet i remember i took this photo
'cuase you and Joe argued .

plus now i just realize you and I didn't take any photo in Genting .
arggg ...

24th of October .
At nee's competition !

31st of October .
at AAR's concert !
we shouted together !

the day before my birthday ,
we met up at Mid Valley and celebrated a small party !

Ipoh trip ! =D26th of June .
you sat in the corner of SM's canteen and wait for Nee to hang out .
and i'm the one who saw you !

14th of October .
Alison's birthday we met up at SM !
for alison's birthday .

17th of October .
we sang K at Red box and went to pv .
This is the Birthday girl of Christmas eve .
This year i can't celebrate your birthday with you but
maybe next year i will celebrate your birthday .
er ... however the year after 2010 i wont !

btw , i wish you a Happy Belated Birthday and
a nice trip in Japan .
don't ever forget about me when i leave M'sia .
I L Y .
You're the best !!!!!

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