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Thursday, December 10, 2009

i'm lost .

lost without a thing .
stay like what I use to do .

Is midnight .
I haven bath but my mind forces me to come here and blog .
071209 .
I went to KLCC with the top family , carmen and poh ying .
suppose to go petro science but it didn't open on Monday so ....
we change our plan for movie .
before the movie Choon Wei , Hoe , carmen tan and I went to Isetan for perfume .
* something funny was going on *
We watched JUMP .
was funny , while we were watching there were a pair of gay lou in the front row .
Choon Wei was totally stairing at them while the movie was going on .
after the movie we lepak and yet again
Choon Wei and I punya love shop ! Machines .
than my mum phoned me . time to go back i forget what time was it .
I suppose to go airport on that day but my dad ffk . ==
so we stayed at home all night .

081209 .
Tuesday .
I stayed at home the whole day .
suppose to keep all my things to nz but i sat infront of the tv whole day .
and i knew somethng happened .

091209 .
Wednesday .
I woke up at 9 something and prepare myself to meet up Jane
but the whole family of mine didn't wake so I'm late again !
Reached low yat around 12 something nearly 1 .
than went to red box to meet up them ' Jane , Quan , hoe and Joe ' .
after that around 3 .
meet up bianca than went to Pv .
took pictures .
than Bian and Hoe went to The garden to meet up Alison and G - po .
left three of us we lepak !!
until half my mum phoned me .
was time for me to go .
nearly 5 I suppose to walk to Lot 10 by myself but thanks to Joe accompany me .
we chatted all along about QUAN . ' Quan , dont think much . XD'
haha .. than get in the car and went to saloon to have a hair cut while i'm having my sis and mummy went for nails art .
lol !
damn cheap nia and nice ! <3
after finish went to shop and picked up William for dinner .
after dinner around 8 went to Jun Hao's house for my lappy's window and others software .
' not teoh jun hao ' =D
than went back home and here I am to write another post about the day . =)

I don't know am I right for telling the truth .

It isn't complete as I though . =)
I wonder what will this world
feel like as it ends
and how the days will turn
without us here
to count them
to make them whole
award them reason
allow them cause

yet as we lose the ground
beneath our feet
and die before
fear hits
the death of future
and humanity
results in completion
and an end to
meaningless musings

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