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Thursday, December 10, 2009

her life with them like gonna end . =|

feel like it's going to end .
she said forever but ...

I'm here to update my blog 'cause of something i know yesterday .
Yesterday .
was the last outing with grace and the boys a . k . a macam yes .
I saw what Xuan wrote she's totally angry with me .
once again I giving excuse for it as she said .
no cure again right ?
i text - ed with him and he told me that they had fun and they did talk about me .
' yan cai ' but left me . ' they're totally pissed ! '
but I'm glad she said so not i don't want to join i have my reason .

GraceNgTzeHuey .
i know they plan it cause is the last day of yours in Malaysia .
I know no point to apologize and also i'm going to NZ next year and
you gonna have ' SPM ' there .
so no time for you and I to meet .
However , I just what to let you know that I'm not attending got my reason .
so sorry about it but here I am for apologize .

TanChuXuan .
I know you're totally pissed when i reply your message back that moment .
Yes , i did lie to you for not attending .
but i just need to let you know that I'm not attending the last gathering got my reason .
however , of the genting trip is real only for this .
sorry once again .

Dai Bs .
as what Xuan said :
once dai b ; forever dai b .
i say the truth .
i don't think what she said would be true .
but what it meant it has its own meaning .
as I pass through so many things with you guys .
I feel proud , happy and also appreciate .
i remember the last time we smile , we laught , we gossip and we also hate each other .
everyone been hate- d but I still think you guys hate me is totally hate !
and every times we been separate from one gang in two group i scared .
'cause i'm the last one who get in to this gang and also the last one who let the whole gang hate .
The last argument of us was cz of the guys and the love .
But is still the same i do though that is made by me .
fine now .
once again Sorry
' no cure ' .

I have no idea why i will write this post
if i said something wrong please correct me .
and i was just telling the truth and what i feel .
If you think that i'm writing this post for apologize or acting innocent
you continue with it . i have no reason what let you think that i'm position .

p/s : i didn't attend the last gathering is 'cause of that .

Blame .

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