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Monday, November 29, 2010

we're always the family.

5 days to NCEA level 1.

No matter what happened.

Here come the story on the 9th, I called to the birthday girl and it’s a short call. Anyway, I wanna tell you guys about my present that I received from my sister. What can I say, she is the best sister ever just she has mood swing too often. Still she is an awesome sister, she gave me a lava lamp that I always wanted to have one. I heard that cost a lot but still I love it. It’s blue liquid with yellow wax and it turns green when the wax melt. OMG, this is just awesome. ;) Besides, I have more present to introduce when the time come. Pictures will be captured. Thanks people for throwing me an awesome party when I didn’t expect it could be that ‘big’.


9th of November. The wifey’s birthday.

Happy Belated sweet sixteen, thangyijing. Hope you really had a great one and sorry I cant actually celebrate with you or go through things with you but at least you got them. Who still care about you and love you as usual. So yea, I love you babe. ;) <3>

Best memories, we had was having tuition together. Created a family at there.

Tuition for 10 hours non-stop then heading to night market.

We cam whore a lot, nonstop and enjoy those moments.

Our memories will always stay, let’s face the fact.;)

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