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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Wish to someone I love. ;)

Sorry I’m late like real late for like 4 days after. I actually haven’t got a real time to send you a proper wish. I really hope you don’t mind as I suppose ‘lah’ will always forgive people aight?



Sorry I only found these photos I was suppose to write a short story of everyone in these photos. ;X







Anyway, here’s a wish. I was suppose to take a video for yng to make a video and yet I did not. Sorry for that once again. Stop with the apologies here come the real wish…

Happy Sweet Sixteen, NATALIELAHPUISZE. I don’t know you well and you don’t know me well, somehow we cam whore together like nobody cares. I just realize I never been to a same class with you, and yes we are not close at all but still I’m glad to have a friend like you. I’m proud to say you love LeeHom, yellow and also ME(ithink?). The most enjoyable time was fish spa while Jing was manicuring and also overnight at Jing’s place. Other than that I remember that time we took photos sticker together and also we went to TS for Grace. ;)

I’m not good at social but still I really hope you enjoy your sweet sixteen and once again SORRY!

p/s: she belongs to someone’s so don’t touch her. ;) <3

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