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Saturday, November 20, 2010

9 months 2 days.

Here I am, this post is written on the 20th of November ,0957, I shouldn’t be writing this post unless I’ve done my studying about physics, chemistry and geography. Life been hard when educations, feelings, expectations and also heartbeat are around. These things could make you feel ups and downs just don’t know is a good thing or not. It could be complicated and simple. It should be say as everyone is just having simple like including me and you only our mind make it complicated. Like study, you got an achieve but in your mind you want it to be an excellent. Try to think in a simple way others got a not achieve and now you got an achieve will be alright and for the next time you should try to get a merit just to improve yourself. Not forcing yourself to get excellent when you got a not achieve for the previous papers.

Anyway, as we know life is hard but still we need to live with it every single day. There is a choice, live happily or just mood swing.. Life change from years to years, people change from days to days and the world change from a century to another. For me my life change from worse to better, poor to average family which can afford things that I want. People changed, even I changed just never know you change to better or worse. Saying better is like “hell no” ; saying worse will be like “did i?” . This opinion should come from the close ones, my friends change.

1. Besties > close friends > normal friends >friends who say hi and bye > friends with a name > byebye.

2. Strangers > hi&bye > normal friends

3. Friends > close friends who chat once in every six months.

4. Great friends > a friend only exist when he/she needed something.

5. Friend’s friends > twitter friends > hi&bye.

p/s: ‘>’ = to.

So yea, there should be more than 5. Shouldn’t have said they changed, should say they become mature, they are mature enough to think what they want and how they wanna treat a friend as. It’s funny, when I really treat someone as a friend who can share things with they just thought these are lies from me. Perhaps yea, I’m a liar in you guys’ eyes but didn’t you think who will be the “truther ?” in your life. You only trust yourself but not anybody else, that’s not a bad thing. The only way to express feelings are just looking at the sky or field thinking who will walk towards you and telling you that everything will be okay just get over it or get through it together. Wake up, if you think like that. That’s only a dream a sweet dream.

I’ve passed through a lot of things this year not to say a yea but within 9 months. Distance is a real bad thing, it can break whatever you thought of and expectations. I used to have a life where I can have friends everywhere, food everywhere and be happy anytime but now friends have lost, culture has change those yummy food and happiness only exist at home. I thought that’s enough for me, at least my family is still here for me but I should say I’m a greedy person I want a lot of things but not one branded things. Give me a month maybe I wouldn’t be so greedy…………….

Just Remember,

I gave a damn when no one else did.

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