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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

red hot lips.

The 20th of November, Saturday.

Finished Biology test yesterday, it was alright easier than what I expected still I got some problem with microbes. Anyway, was Saturday. Stayed at home as usual to prepare exam but since Lisa is at shore and Karen wanna have dinner together. We went for a super duper hot place. It’s real hot tho. Si Cuan Restaurant, Newmarket. After you reading this post you will know how we actually eat this hot food at night. Like oh my god. It tasted not that hot at the first but when you continue with it. You cant actually feel what your lips belong to you and it turns red instead. Start our meal at 1940 untill 2130. Before you go there, you should bring a huge bottle of milk. OMG

Look at the lips and the colour of the soup.

Oily but yummy.

We forgot to take before but after.

Look at the hot lips we had. sexayyy

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