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Saturday, May 28, 2011

same routine.


It’s been more than a week that I actually blog about the current life. My current life is now in a routine which can say it’s not a bad bad thing every single day. Sleep, school, eat, work then school works. This life is just tiring, somehow it keeps me from over thinking of things that I should not have thought of. Three days till winter and I’m keen for it because of holiday yet that’s like 7 weeks to go BUT long weekend is coming up just for student who study in RangitotoCollege next week. :) wish there’s no work, assignments and internal coming up after. :x other than holiday, somehow I like winter because I get to wear hoodies. It helps to cover fats and some shits on my body. OH WELL! I’m so fat that I feel like cutting every fats in my body out. D; and I’m getting fatter these days. Although, there are stress but I just cant stop eating. :( So for me, winter encourage people into a hibernate situation. The moment that you just want to sleep without waking up just to chase after time that is slipping away every single seconds. I never have a chance to sleep more than 7 hours per day, this is just exhausted.

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