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Sunday, May 15, 2011

memang rindumu.

Was supposed to write a post about Friday the 13th yesterday but blogger was in maintenance so there’s no new post until today. Slept at 4 last night, I don’t know what I have done but all I can remember is I over thought with heaps of thing. Drank a lil bit last night, rice wine it tasted pretty good although the cover of the drink is kinda looks like milk before that I had milk tea from Vincent again. Anyway, woke up at 10 get myself prepared for school works until 12. People are awake then off to ‘yum cha’ at Birkenhead with Shally, Karen, Carmen, Will, Jackson and mum. Ate for like an hour then off to the mall to buy some stuff to the new shop.

Yea, we bought a takeaway shop which sell thai and malay food in Howick (SO DAMN FAR) to try to get some income and also a PR for mum. Oh well, around 3 got back home and prepare to work. The first day of 4 hours work for me. It was nothing at first but after standing in the shop for more than 2 hours, my legs just sore and it actually was going to cramp. As you know that I never work as a worker that need to stand for 4 hours straight before and this is my first time. It’s not that bad overall just kinda boring when you are sitting there waiting the customer to order their food. I was so happy that I was done with my first order which is success with a Laksa Seafood(Satisfied for today). Got back home around 10 and here I am, craving for sleep but there are heaps of works that are undone. I have done one essay and another one to go about an overview. I’m so tired! :(


In a sudden, I miss her so much. :’(

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