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Monday, May 2, 2011

Here come 11 weeks again.


Uuu, love my photo? :)

Two weeks of holiday just ended and I just found out that I did nothing when there are three assignments are getting due on Friday yet I’m just blogging atm. So I was talking to a friend, she’s a friend that I never thought I would ever talk to again. We haven’t met for more than a year and twitter just make us closer and I feel so useless with what I’ve done. Guess what? So does she which not to say is a good thing but I’m just glad that like finally someone knows how I feel. OH WELL. Time is a silly thing, it’s just too silly. Maybe now is the time to organize all those mess that we messed up with.

ANYWAY, raining for like the whole weekend and today is not an exception. First day of school restart and I got new assessment to work on. These school craps are apparently killing my brain cells so badly. I just realized that I actually got more dumb and easier to get tired so damn lazy. Need to move on with these or else I will be ended up with slacking all day long. :x OMG, I can’t believe is May already. :( this is depressing.

Happy Birthday cousy, Denyse!

Happy Birthday dummy, James!

Happy Birthday stranger, Jack! :)

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