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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Bought the 3D spec which is compulsory these days 'cause I watched Thor in 3D the other day. The movie was just fine i suppose, the storyline was kinda like typical God's story but i missed the most important part which showed after the credits. Until now I still dont know what did it show. :X

So maybe it's time to focus on study. second week of term 2, I'm working so hard on the assignments and perhaps a break without work due will be alright for me. So Saturday, I walked out of the house in the middle of the night around 1 without telling my mum yet i get scolded my sis instead of my mum. oh well, getting used to it anyway. was suppose to chill with a friend but too bad, nothing happened overall just got a drink from him. pretty sure there will be another time to chill. Been struggling with few things these days: study, ball and something shouldn't be tell. It's so frustrating to leave them behind without thinking them.

Anyway, had a normal mothers' day with mummy the other day. Out to get flowers with bro, dinner and gift to her. that's all. As people grow older, they don't even bother to get something special for mum. For my mum, she got herself a new purse just because it's mothers' day. oh well. such a big spender.

gonna stop here. assignments a head. :(

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