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Sunday, May 15, 2011

People need our help.

Hello world! :)

This post is not about personal life or even random stuff but it’s about the world we live in. This year World Vision is asking people to help raise money in the 40 Hour Famine to feel thousands of hungry children and families around the world. Thanks heaps if you’re reading this post! :)

Although we are living in the same world but there are almost a billion people in the world are hungry. This year, 40hr famine has a specific focus on East Tumor, one of New Zealand’s closest neighbours in the Asia-Pacific region. Half of all young children over there are malnourished. One of these children is 7 year old Lily, a girl who dreaming of going to school.

Wish you guys could help me with my famine which is no food for 40 hours from the 27th to 29th of May 2011. Please sponsor me, by donating money thru online will help raises 30% more funds. People need our help so grab your credit card and donate some money to make a change to this world.

Your 40 bucks to this organization can help to buy seeds and help 10 children in East Timor to have food for a whole year.

Be wide! Instead of spending these 40 bucks on new clothes and new shoes monthly, you can just use them to help 10 children that are living in a same world as us. We can make a change; GO HARD OUT FOR THE HUNGRY!

Heal the world, click in *here* to make your donation.

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