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Sunday, May 29, 2011

do what you promised.


Bought a new bracelet but it doesn’t look the same like what I had last time. My favorite bracelet is being stolen by somebody. Oh well, I’m not sure how is it doing now but I just miss it so much and I hardly hear things about it anymore. :( hoping someone did what he has promised. Maybe it does look simple and it doesn’t cost a lot like how some branded bracelet does but... (nvm) Anyway, I skipped work today went to karaoke and I spent more than 50 bucks which mean I had used up all the salary of two weeks’ hard work. OPPSY, I needa work more hard nao on. :X assignments are getting due, test next week, homework sheets due wed, birthdays coming up, prom night and internals. What am I suppose to do when I don’t even have enough time to move on with. Wish the time will just stop someday before these days are all due. D; *tears*

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