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Friday, April 22, 2011

Time went without any notices.

Saturday; 16th of April.

First day of the holiday started also the day after CarmenPang watched Scream4. Before she watched it, I already craving for it as my sis actually watched the previous three Scream before.

This movie is not scary but is not cruel like how Saw does so yea is an average one. The story line is good just go to the cinema and grab a ticket you will know what happen in Scream! :) it actually worth to watch!

Monday; 18th of April.

A night where I wish to go town ‘cause Bruno Mars is da town!!! A concert that I actually want to go but it’s just too late to regret for not going to there. Sis and her friends went, as in the previous post I have mentioned that imma go a road trip so Shally and Anton came and over night. Three of us in the house felt so boring then we decided to go BubbleTea. Caught up with Suz too. :) gone back home around 1. Lisa, PF were all in the house to overnight and prepare for the road trip!

Tuesday:19th of April.

Woke up at 4, yes 4am in the morning to

take a bath. Prepare ourselves and tried to wake Karen through BBM was such a fun! So got out of the house around 6 to pick her up then off to have breakfast. The most common breakfast on a road trip is always McD. It was love and we saw sunshine overall.

On the way to Rotorua.

We went to bungy, swoop, sweep also luge. I got three bruises all over my right sides and there are the huge ones. :x it hurt so much when you just touch on it but it worth anyway!

Off to the motel around 5pm , rest then off to dinner. After dinner, people went to spa left shally and I in the motel due to some problems. Was suppose to have a chat with her but ended up with some sweet nap. The day was so long and awesome. :) They got back around 10 all we felt were tired and I slept so early that day.

Wednesdays; 20th of April.

Woke up at 8, the second one who woke up and packed things up. Had our breakfast then checked out at 10. Went for a walk in the small town and time for a walk by the Rotorua lake.

Hamilton Garden, I love this place! :) is like a studio for photographers.

Thursday; 21st of April.

Woke up around 10 which I slept at 4 last night and just exhausted. Anton, Shally, Carmen and I went for breakfast (yumcha). Then back home around 2, unpack things and upload photos on fb also the laziness dragged me around just so tiring. Was suppose to watch Fast&Furious 5 at 740pm but ended up with bad seats left behind so we changed our mind to Arthur casted by Russell Brand.

a comedy that actually has some meaning within ‘cause normally a comedy wouldn’t have any meaning hide in it whereas this has. I actually love Russell Brand and his accent. Oh dear. :) Get yourself prepared for the movies week! Fast&Furious 5, I’m coming to your.

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