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Saturday, April 30, 2011

hello blog-walkers. :)

29th of April, Friday.

It’s Friday, and guess people out there are appreciating tonight go to the town and have a wasted night. Umm, for me I went to karaoke instead of clubbing. Like finally I went to karaoke in this holiday was planning to go on the first week of holiday due to some problem yet no. :x after that went to Starbucks to have a hot drink hell yes, I’m always in love with coffee. :) white chocolate mocha or a chai latte, please. Anyway, got home around 11 Karen was here and planned to watch something so yea. First we chose Devil.

This movie is alright is not scary but it has a storyline but a really good one but average. :)

Ps: I hate that old lady at the last scene. She seems to be staring at you. ;X

After that around 1 past, we chose to watch ‘TheEcho’

I can say this movie is so damn scary. The first horror movie I got shocked by. While watching the movie you can’t think what will happen ‘cause of the voices that came from the movie and you cant make sure when will something pop out. HIGHLY RECOMMAND. :) Tucked myself in around 0430 and I’m so damn tired.


Remember in a few precious post, I’ve mentioned that imma go and watch Fast Five and hell yes. I watched it. I can say this movie is so damn good, among all of the previous FF. I prefer this so much more. A

MUST WATCH MOVIE OF 2011 but if you gonna watch it don’t forget wait till the credits went off. As the most important part of this episode is all after the credits. MUST NOT LEAVE THE HALL UNTIL THE MOVIE IS TOTALLY FINISH!!!! J


  1. I planned to watch fast 5 too! I think that will be pretty nice right? :D

  2. yes! dont forget to sit till the end of the the movie 'cause the last part is really important! :)


appreciate lots.

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