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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

fuck you.

fuck you. you suck a lot. why dont you get out of my life? i dont want this anymore. just get the hell off from here. to be honest, i dont read mind i dont know what is in your mind and what you feel on certain things or people. fucking grumpy these days. wish i never care that much. no i cant. things happened and i always fucked things up. i understand what went through my mind was real but the thing i saw was also real. oh my fucking god. i hate this part right here. somebody please pass me a blade. perhaps a plain book will do. tell me if you want me, i am tired of waiting here like i'm a nut trying to wish miracles to happen. this sucks and it hurts a lot. just fuck you all.

sometimes people make you fall for them and they let them stay in your heart but they just like to beat it up. no, you dont know how it actually feels. i cant tell you what it is but just the feelings. wishing things will change for sometimes but no. it wouldnt until you make a change. where the fuck when i needed you. you never ask, never want and never tell. just fuck you.

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