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Monday, April 18, 2011


So this post should be updated long time ago due to some laziness it’s been delayed. So the third day of holiday and I’ve nothing other than eat and sleep every single day. Been coughing like a mad dog for two days, I sound so man!!!! Any idea of getting rid of it? :(

Tuesday gonna have a road trip so do an assignment trip for my photography assignment. The assignment is about creating a scene which include event, persons and place and create a documentary. At first the first things cross into my mind was going to the beach and see how’s thing been change within one day but the teacher was saying it is not acceptable. So I changed my mind, since Carmen gonna have a road trip with her friends imma join her to do my assignment. :) Wish there will be lots of fun and good scene to take photos with. It’s been raining these days, the sign of weather changing. Please don’t rain tomorrow! :X

Cough, sniff, sore throat and what else gonna come to me? So damn annoying.

Ohh, did I tell you guys that sis got a Pandora that actually cost more than an iPad2 64gb with 3g+wifi? That’s like crazy ae. :X Pandora is actually the most recent jewelry I fall into. :) you can buy the beads you like with gold, diamond even colour beads are available. I’m pretty sure Malaysia sell them too. :) mum got one, Carmen got one so do I!


Mine. :)

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