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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ball, once in a lifetime.

So it’s been a week since I last blogged. I always wanted to blog but when I’m half way till the end I just cancel everything off ‘cause sometimes things should be stayed unsay. Anyway, dad was here for 12 days and he left on Tuesday night. I kinda miss him to wake me up with *wakey! wakey!* in the morning just to say “I will just fetch you guys to school.” :) Oh well, 12 days and time just flew away.

Before dad left, we had a road trip to 90 miles beach, Kaitaia and umm Waitangi I suppose. On the trip all I can feel is excitement also my butt cramps due to the hours that I’ve sat in the new car. Oh yeap, the Tan’s got a ‘new’ car, Alphard V. Dad always what a car with 7 seats like finally we’ve got that which is even better. (eight seats) I skipped 2 days of school due to the tiredness I got from the trip and those undone work from school so called college.

Three assignments are introduced at the same time and due almost the same time. Then an English assessment is now on the way to get into. Fuck school life, holiday is just the day after tomorrow within two weeks HEAPS of work should be done and I wish I could just get over it easily. Nowadays, school’s trend is all about the 6th form ball. BALL? All I can think about are dresses, make up, alcohol, partners and using money to make yourself look good just in that night. Within that thoughts I just can accept ALCOHOL and money to make myself looks better but not on that night. Dresses are not my thing and make up is way more worse than I’ve imagined. Eww, how can I change within a night with dresses on and those thick make ups. Well, I actually hope I can get the invitation when I’m still allow to wag like how I used to. For the first term I got like 91% attendance which is just enough but term 2 is the main point. As I’ve skipped two days and planned to wag on the last few periods so yea Imma have low attendance rate this time. :x

Oh dear, please just don’t wake me up in the middle of the night. Allow me to sleep the memories away. Thought of telling you the truth but nah. Things will be different when the truth is out of my mind.

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