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Sunday, March 20, 2011

this weekend aint that bad.


This weekend was pretty awesome.

Saturday, woke up and deal with my photography assignment for an hour. In a sudden, sis and mum were discussing going New Market to get something from Smith&Caughey so yea we went there around 1. Parking is always a problem in Auckland is so damn annoying to look for parking so we used about half an hour just to look for a car park. Anyway, then we three of us went to look for our ‘breakfast’ which is our brunch. Finding something else to eat while mum was the one saying she doesn’t want to eat ‘dim sum’ but at last when there’s an option between sushi and ‘dim sum’ she decided with ‘dim sum’ such a weirdo. So had our brunch in Pearl Garden Restaurant, it wasn’t that bad but the service suck ttm. Before brunch, Carmen got what she wants in Smith&Caughey and it’s just a cleansing solution.

So after the brunch, we went to shopping. Hell yes, I haven’t shopping for like more than 2 weeks that feeling suck a lot. Was planning to go Qubic and ask about the bow addidas original shoe but there are on renovation or something so I didn’t get to go there. SO DAMN SAD! Walked around the street and found nothing to buy but when we got into WestfiledMall. We saw CountryRoad on sales and mum bought a top at there besides I saw a purse which I wanted to have one for like so damn long. Yet mum still doesn’t allow me to get it then off into another shop. HELL YES! MARS is another option to be my new purse.

See see see! My new purse! I wasn’t getting this purse until I found out it’s kinda useless cause I never like to put my cash into the pocket in my purse so this is like throwing the change into it and *clip* is all in the purse. A girlish purse for me and I know it’s kinda weird to see me using a purse like this.

Other than that, bags are all on 30% sales. Fuck yes, I got this. Was suppose to get a black one but Carmen was saying im too young to get the black one cause is too mature and looks classy lil bit so change my mind to this. J pretty awesome for me. Two items less than 200NZ, peeps.

Then off to Dotti and I bought this. I’m loving this shirt more and more when I look at it.

Then sis went to ForeverNew and she got a skirt. Looking awesome with it and SALES are on these days. Omg, I feel like getting new sandals, sneakers and some new clothes. These are not enough. :X

Around 4 or 5, mum was nagging to go home ‘cause of her darling son at home. When we got home, we saw William’s friends like OMG. Include him is four of them facing the computer and the PS3 like seriously _|_

Then went to finish my photography assignment like finally. Task 1 is done and now task 2 is driving me crazy I have no idea what to take in black and white. 45 photos needa hand in before the term ends. Anyway after that Carmen and I went to help mum for dinner cause James and his family is here to have dinner together. Right after we finished our dinner Carmen came out with an idea of being survive when earthquake comes to attack Auckland. LIKE OMFG. Due to some problem I helped her to wash every bottle we have in the house and trying to pack the dry food.

Check these out.

trying to get as much water as we can. you can survive for at least seven days if you have water.

Some dry food but seriously don’t take Campbell soup as an option. :x

Seven bottles of water.

Beside food and water, prepare a jacket to get yourself warmth.



So while I was sleeping I got somebody’s call and it actually wakes me up. He was saying something and I cant actually listen what he was saying. All I answered was “oh” , “yea” and “okay” still he continue his talk and trying to say I will call you again later. I’m like all goods with it and I don’t know why. The second call woke me up too and the same reaction I have as the first called. I wasn’t being sarcastic but actually I cant listen to what he told me. Umm, kinda sorry about that tho. I have no idea did he realize that or not but I was half awake only. So sorry about that.



Anyway, woke up at 9 and saw Whatsapp is with three reply like wtf ‘cause mum woke me up to accompany her to FreeMarket but I rejected her. It’s kinda bad to reject my mum. Somehow, I know my mum will always allow me to do so I suppose. So went back to sleep until 11 I was just TOTALLY awake. Thank god I caught enough sleep at last. So I spent the Sunday morning and afternoon at home watching drama and tumblr. Then I asked Carmen for a coffee and she willing to drive me to Starbucks. Hell yes, I tried the new Cocoa Cappuccino and it was super awesome. :) (ohh, do you guys know Starbuck is with the new logo?) before that, we went to Pak N Save to get some ingredients for tomorrow’s dinner due to some problem mum is not cooking for us tomorrow. Then some snack for us the first time to bake some cookie and fuck yea.

WE DID NOT MAKE IT WORK. Actually it was all my fault, I put 250grams of coca power instead of 25grams and the result came out with this. Pretty awesome ay?

Then mum came back from her friend’s place to get us out for dinner. Went to Wairau Park. Samurai Kitchen Restaurant, Japanese food for Sunday’s dinner I’m so lucky to have this family. :)

FINALLY. I’m done with this post.

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