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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am so lost. I am so scared for my future. :(

The end of week six. I need some break, a real break no matter how long is it. I just need a break needa get some fresh air and get rid of these problems that bother me all the time. I kinda hate how time flies nowadays, when I was young I always wish to have a teenage life but when you’re in it you feel like turning back the time. So you can just don’t give a damn with anything that are happening now. So this year, friends is not a problem for me anymore but then the world is like giving me a mission. Work hard in school and assignments. Level 2 in NCEA, I am so gonna kill myself and these things are actually annoying me. All I feel now is, why I cant be how I used to be. Go to the principle room once a week just like last time, get community service with the buddies and hearing ‘Jessie come out!’ after the assembly in the morning. Oh well, that was my best school life ever yet now it is like not anymore. We grow up, we think differently and we’ve been placed in the different part of the world. This is just life. We cant stick to the same peers as always. It’s not to say that having a lot of friends is not a good thing but it’s just kinda hard to define who are the ones who really care for you when things happened.

Oh well, life still goes on no matter what happen. Earthquake, tsunami all those natural disaster are just annoying. Nobody wants you to be here just go away from the earth maybe you should just move to moon or something.

Apparently, I’ve been into this situation over three days and nothing actually goes right. FML.

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