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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The week.

Today seems to be like Friday to me. The day is just so long that I found out that I didn’t actually do many things. Oh well, let’s talk about the whole week.


Absent. Due to some medical problem the whole fucking day and it hurts so damn much. Nobody actually give a fuck on it. Rushed my English essay, 7 paragraphs that kinda mean for me. After writing it I just realize my English is getting worse these days. Fml.

Wednesday (230311)

I walked to McDonald with Julie after school ‘cause I was frustrating with something about somebody so yea. We shared things not that much as how we used to do but it was alright, I suppose. Walked back home around 5 and I’m totally exhausted overall. I rushed my economic works and another essay for English also sociology’s. OMFG, everyday doing the same thing I just feel like killing myself.


Rained for the whole freakin day and I walked home. It’s lucky that one of the new student willing to shared an umbrella with me to flag pole or else I will be like all wet. Saw Nicole and we both borrowed Elaine’s umbrella just to walk up to Windsor Park and I waited for her parent to pick her up yet I got a ride instead of walking home with the rainy weather without my sweater. Yeap, my sweater is not with me for the whole day and I was freezing in math class with the windows wide opened. Omfg. Anyway, got home and I found out there’s a missed call. Guess who? The love ones are here- Baby Quan and hoe. So I had dinner with the Birthday girl, Fiona. Some photos at the restaurant.

Then I picked two of them from city. Yes, I sat on the bus alone to city trying to be awake then picked them up and go back to Constellation Drive again. Anyway, I went to city with a flip flop while it was raining and with my *raincoat*. On the way back home, we chat, we camwhore, we laugh, we sing out loud. Yes, we did what we will do in Msia. That is just so a memorable memories. I miss both of them so much that I cant even say a word out of it. Carmen picked us up from the bus stop and went to fetch Anton. They were suppose to go clubbing but thanks to the weather it’s been canceled so they were all at my place trying to have fun with shots just like what we used to do. :)


the special shot made by Anton for the birthday girl.

Karen, Lisa, Jason, Anton, Fiona, Nicole, Lydia and Belinda were all there. Including me, quan and ron. Trying to enjoy those shots while we were playing ‘pyramid’. I actually love pyramid game and it actually helps you finish up the alcohol pretty quickly. I played for the 3rd round which is the round when ron, me and quan were there. After that round, somebody ran off (Anton & Ron) they went to catch some rest and left us. Another round is on and the second last 3 shots was mine and I’m all like wtf but the last shots which is equal to two shots go to Jason! Then sis bought Fiona, Nicole, Lydia and Belinda home with Karen’s companied then we have a break where people went to get food! Yet, Quan went to get some pure Midori shot kinda harsh ay. I was like O.O and she was like this is nice weih! :)

After the meal, we rest on the couch in the living room and I remember what I did with Lisa and Anton. We sang so damn loud and video are up on facebook (privately) , there are three. One is Long Distance, second one is ‘I love you, You love me’ then the last one is ‘Bob Bob Baby’ all of them are with Anton. Lisa and I were in two of them. After that we rushed upstairs and trying to wake Ron up because he went to William’s room quietly trying to have a long nap ‘cause they are going to wake up at 5 on the next day when is like 12 when he’s trying to tuck himself in the bed.

So the whole night is just a mess, I cant actually remember what I did in William’s room but I remembered that I gossiped with Quan and sis was saying that we gonna walk to McD and chill for the whole night yet I slept in Carmen’s room while they were fetching Anton home. When they are back home, nobody is willing to go McD so we just decided to sleep at 2.

Alarm rang at 5 and it’s Saturday already. Woke quan up to get a shower so do Ron and I followed mum fetch them back to city and it’s been a long day. I got home at nearly 8 and I sleep again until 9 I’m half awake due to some problem and I have no idea what was it and I sleep again. Totally sober at 11 while Carmen and Lisa were awake and play with Fluffy. :) Then Carmen fetched Lisa to the bus stop and let her go to St.Luke ‘cause of her job. Left me, Karen and Carmen. Umm, did I mention Jason? So he went home in the morning and I have no idea what time was it. Anyway, then we went to BrownsBay to have our brunch at 1 after that we went to AlbanyMall. Just to have a walk and bought nothing but heard a lot of things.


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