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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yellow bugs.

This post should be posted on the 24th of November, it was Geography paper in the morning. The paper was like wtf. So I came out early and release the stress of geog and look forward to Chemistry. The second last paper just make me feel like freedom is here. So I stayed at home when Shally and Karen came for Carmen. Since I went back home early, I followed them for brunch then head back home. Sat within them talk and laugh. In a sudden, we heard beeeeep and we were like what’s the yellow thing out the garden. Guess what we see? A swap of bee, what the fuck right? Let’s see the photos below.

Spot the yellow dots? It’s all bee.

Spot the yellow dots? It’s all bee.

*Click to enlarge photo.*

Ignore this random photo. ;)

Spot the yellow dots? It’s all bee.

Then my mum called the neighbor asked about the bee and there are all from another neighbor. He treat bee as pet and he got tons of them. So we called and ask him to come by and catch them. Well, the bee used less than 10 minutes to build their hive. The hive was huge! After like half an hour, neighbor came with a box without wearing anything but just jeans and a polo tee. He go towards them and guess what? Not over 5 minutes he got the hive into the box.

Gosh, look at the box cover. *itchyyyy

This was a great experience to see bee flying just at the back yard. Like seriously, the first time I see so many bee living around my house for like 10 minutes. ;)

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