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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Xmas is awesome.

random pic of my spongebob present from Nicole and Fiona. Thanks babe.

It’s Sunday, the super hot and noisy Sunday. Let’s talk about yesterday, was the 11th Carmen and Karen had their exam today. They both were nervous ASS! After fetching them to college, we went to Brisco to get mattress. Guess what? I got a spongebob mattress with a plain blanket cover. It was CHEAP thanks to xmas. Everywhere is starting to have sales as I’ve mentioned to the last few post. Chocolate are totally the one which is having sales. Then we off to have our breakfast. Korean food for breakfast wasn’t that bad but good ! after that, we went to billabong outlet and also ripcurl’s. Federation is always not on sale. SO SAD. Somehow, mum and I bought some stuff from there also get William huge jacket from RipCurl. After that, back to home and rest for a moment. Out to fetch Carmen home. Stayed at home then out for something seriously I forgot what I’ve done. So let’s talk about Sunday which is today.

Woke up off to Sunday Market, and yes as normal mum woke me out with her loud voice till I cant actually not wake up and accompany her. She wakes Carmen and William too, my mum is just too cute. Lols, we had breakfast with the German sausage with honey mustache best food ever. Seriously, it tastes awesome. Then we went back home and do some housework also pack some stuff since we’re going back on Wednesday. Suddenly, my mum realize that William doesn’t have enough shorts to go back Malaysia so then we off to billabong again. Get him a boardshorts.. Still he needs another pair of shorts so my mum decided to go Dressmart which mean I got chance to get Joe his favorite. Due to Xmas sales, we bought tons of stuff and yes tons. I got a lacoste bag and a Raulph Lauren polo tee(it’smylove).

Never thought Xmas sales will be that awesome, then got back home about 4 or 5. After dinner, we went to supermarket to get chocolate and yes not for myself but the daibs. OMG, I’m crazy about them *iwonderwhy*. Then off back home, enjoy the sweet memories with hong kong drama. ;)

this is my lacoste bag, Carmen bought one so as William.

Buy 2 free one and yes SALES.

William’s, gonna snatch it from him if I need it. haha
my polo. <3
Joe’s , it cost about RM125. SALES!!!

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