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Friday, December 10, 2010

The sun shines.

It’s so sunny, a tee with a shorts will be perfect for today. ;)

Cant believe is Friday already. The 10th, just realize I haven’t been blogging for 5 days maybe is because of the hong kong dramas and also visitors from Malaysia. Uncle Tom left this morning, more about the family will be up here soon. I haven’t been doing much things but one thing is my room. As you know my room is always complicated.. and now I gonna repare it from the messy photos to a not so messy room. It doesn’t really work tho. I stick the whole thing into the right way more than the left way. What to say, even I write my words are all into the right way more than in the middle. It will never balance whenever, wherever or whatever. ;)

To be honest, a wall with over 100 photos on it looks so crazy. Taking them out is a question, sticking them on with different way will be another questions. Let me show you my room.

After taking them off, need to separate them with places.

Still they are in progressing,

dah screwed up the whole thing tho. D;

Here is a place for visitors to drop by and say hey to my room.;)

This post stops here, see you tomorrow or later. Needa continue with these PHOTOS. ;)

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