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Sunday, December 5, 2010

mmm, those yummy food and photos.

Japanese time. ;)

The 2nd of December already, the day that I used to be excited about is coming nearer and nearer. Here I am saying I fell nothing for going back, I should say I’m terrified. Of these and that, people at there are having works, vacation and also hanging out. Anyway, it’s the beginning of December a month who the love ones birthday and Christmas is here. Let’s have a Christmas partay in Malaysia. I’m happy to see everyone but there is one thing I’m worry about them. Oh well, I worry too much I should enjoy this holiday even though things will happen. I’m sure we all will have a great time. ;)

Let’s talk about today, woke up in the morning was suppose to go jogging but ‘Complete Entertainment’ make me stay and watch it. It’s pretty good tho, somehow I bath then off to AA. Guess what? I, JessieTan is going to take Learner License soon. ;) I can’t wait to get my first car like now. Somehow, I need to go back and take courses then come back here and get the test. Well, after that went back home. Gonna have dinner with Anton, PeiFen, Carmen and Karen. Shally supposed to go but due to some physical problem she can’t. We had a great dinner in Ponsonby the dinner cost 216NZD for 5 people. LIKE OMG, here come the photos. ;)

Mayo Oyster; ikura Benton.

To be honest, it’s too yummy and we forgot to take photo.

We are just so good in eating.

Spider Roll. (soft shell crab)

This does look disgusting but it’s eggplant with mayo and cheese.

OMG, taste so nice. mmmmmm

Dragon Roll, as Karen said is Dragon ball.

The outer of it was fish skin, it taste so good.



Here, come the dessert.

So yummy!!!

(left) Sesame Sundae; (right) GreenTea Sundae.

Banana split with fried banana.

Here come the happy ending, done by PeiFen. ;)

After that, we off to Shally’s and say hi. Although something happened to that big guy still we all wish we could help along. Then dropped by pf and Karen. Left me and Carmen, thanks anton for the ride. Chill man. ;) <3>

We had a great dinner.

Back home, online and I was wondering should I call Sze yet she called with Michelle. First thing in mind was, is this a wish come true or something? Then we chat, laugh and let’s see what FooXueSze taught me. ;)

TwinTower, PB and also smile with two fingers. ;)

Let’s see the cute dad of Sze. (herfamilyisallhalfnaked)


I love her, although we can say as not so close but I’m glad to have a friend like her and the others for so long. Let’s go back and have fun, daib.

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