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Monday, December 13, 2010


Due to some problem, will not blog so often but old posts will updated soon. Because I needa type my blog post in MicrosoftWord just can post it here or else the post will be BORING with black and white only. Anyway, went to immigration today for mum’s passport and my mum got like 70% to go back Malaysia late ofcourse I’m not gonna stay here and wait for her. I,Jessie Tan is still gonna go back to MY to enjoy the time that I’ve wasted last time. Although time cant travel back but I’m sure I can appreciate for this time. Ate Giapo the best gelato shop ever! Am full with Korean food and ice-cream. Dinner still on with XiuQi’s family.

Next post will be about my room again, it happened on the next few days of my birthday. Balloons everywhere and also balloons skin are here. Imagine there are thousands of skins in your room and it smelled so freakin’ bad. Gtg now, needa pack and pack and also pack. ;)

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