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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why aren't we moving ?

why aren't we moving ?
stay please .

Is Saturday ,
most of the people went to clubbing ;
celebrate their birthday ;
having their great time ;
watching the concert ;
making the competition on ;
missing the last moment ..
But I spend - ed my day with Joe Yang , Hui Quan .
i was being a bulb at her house can say like that .
== .
thanks to my Phang Saik Hoe !
He went to celebrate Jia Li's birthday if i'm not wrong then straight away to Akon's concert !
how was it ?
After i spend my afternoon and evening at quan's house and Joe's car .
went to Nee's competition .
with Brenda , Jane , Quan , Joe and Nat !
i think Nee was great but she get the 3rd place in singing her position was in 4th .
Good Luck babe !
The day ends with smile and laugh .

p/s : She was so damn angry cause Xuan ffk .
' erhemm . Xuan you gonna be dead ! cause you own her a slap !!! X) '

Just like the first step ,
makes me stay .

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