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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday . ♥

Edwin Foo !
Read this !

A Birthday is a reminder
From those that really care
A day to be together
This time that we can share

And so I send a little thought
A moment from my day
To say that you are important
In every special way

I know my wish is so behind
But meant to give you still
Birthday wishes from me to you
And love that friends instill .

May you find what you've been searching for,
And it be all that you have dreamed and even more.
May everything go right for you this day,
And nothing but happiness to come your way.
May all your wishes today come true,
And you be always blessed in all you say and do.
May you feel the love being sent your way,
And know that I am wishing you a

Happy 21st Birthday Edwin Foo !!!
I L Y !

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