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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

one more to go !

Finally , I have got time for my bloggie !
I was facebook - ing cause my sis tag me some photo !
erhemm .
all is my favorite but i cant get it !
argg .
Dad had went to NZ to visit Carmen .
pics all at her facebook profile .
and yet home is more noisier cz he's not at home .
nanana .

Is the last paper tomorrow .
Kemahiran Hidup pilihan 4 .
God bless me .
haha .
everything is alright i think .
i just wonder what to do in Nov and Dec .
farewell ? no idea .
Birthday ? Big problem .
argg .
Lepak ? sei ! no transport !!!!
no idea with the plan now .

Besides that .
I feel like scolding someone !
I hate you .
you bitch if you want to tell why don't you tell me ?
stop guessing .
wanna know the truth ?
ask !
I don't need a fark from you .
BITCH !!!!!

x study please .
o entrance ?
x stay back ?
o iPhone 3gS or N 97 ?

s i n g s ?

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