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Sunday, October 25, 2009

It starts with the first ...

Everything starts with a ' hi ' .
The first .

Is midnight .
where's everyone ?
I just cant sleep and i decide to update my blog again .
everything starts with the first step .
I see a world all around me that is crumbling and I wonder why am I here ?
I was taught that each and every one if us has a purpose in life .
How i don't really know what was it .
I know it sound as if this is sad but it’s a reality we all face daily .
Some would rather see the sunshine and happy dreams ,
that ever wishful when you wish upon a star syndrome ,
but some of us see the gritty reality that we are ensconced here until we have completed this arduous journey .
Is your own journey , you should make it meaningful and happy .
First steps began everyday in new ways and yet .
We can either explore them or remain silently hurting but we can’t go back and change anything .
We can only build on what has been.

I was thinking ,
why i so care about what they think of me ?
I live for myself not them !
I have my life for myself not them !
I don't really understand why am I always think of them ?
People don't need someone who like me to help so dun be so annoy of people .
They don't need a fark from me .
I feel tired . Have you ever think that what am i feeling ?
I'm a human not a non - living things .
When you need my help I do so
but when i'm useless you ........
Fine they and you though of that i think is alright
i told myself ' it will be settle down in a moment don't think too much Jessie Tan . '
But telling lies to myself doesn't work .
I just a toy of yours .
when you cant sleep and when you have nothing to do you just will think of me .
I cant believe the way u did .
everything seems to be hard between us .

Ends .

I don't need a 'fark' from you .

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